This is a final project for a English Lit class. It's a game adaptation of the English Arthurian tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that I had a lot of fun making using Bitsy! I used textual quotes from the version edited by W. A. Neilson and the version in the 9th Edition Norton Anthology of English Literature.  


  • Bisty games use only the WASD or Arrow Keys!
  • Interact with things by walking into them!
  • If something is the same color as the player, it's usually interactable!
  • Sometimes characters and other sprites will have different things to say at later times!

I hope you enjoy!

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When I read Sir Gawain for class back in high school, it filled me with such contemplative melancholy. I love how this game evokes those same feelings. Great work!


this was so interesting! i really like how you make the "cut scenes" and just like how you structured this, though the story itself kinda confused me xD i realize you adapted the tale so i guess i'm mostly just confused by the tale itself xD 


Thank you so much for playing!!! If you're interested in reading the original tale I'm sure you can find a translation for free online. It's a dense read given how old it is, but it's interesting at least. 

I actually might look into it! i'm definitely curious :P